About this website

I take the contents of my brain and dump them in this web page every now and then. I thought I'd put this web space I got into (good?) use... Still, let us not kid ourselves; this is a "vanity site". I do not update it often enough for it to be any up-to-date source of information on any of my interests. It does help you waste your time nicely, though, as opposed to going out and robbing stores, smoking and/or stealing candy from little children in the park.

Since you are reading this, can I interest you in some information on me, or some pictures of me and some of my friends (mind you, they're old. The photos, not the friends)?

I would also appreciate your comments on this website. It would only take a minute and I like getting feedback from people who visit. It makes me feel it didn't all go to waste. Or, to be more honest, I like to know someone visited at all.

If you are here to know all the technical stuff, I used a text editor to make the web pages (none of that WYSIWYG stuff), this includes CSS, HTML, PHP, MySQL and Javascript. I found the graphics around the web and the newsgroups (alt.binaries.gothic,alt.binaries.clipart, alt.binaries.dragonz and many others). Finally, this site is registered with the html writer's Guild for some unfathomable self-affirmation reason. Obviously, I didn't get any awards, mainly because I probably don't deserve any. Then again, I don't really want "CutieJane-or-other's totally awesome website award" cause let's face it, anyone can present awards and they mean nothing.

To get the full experience of this website you should have a resolution of 800x600 and a good CSS browser. I highly recommend FireFox. You will also appreciate these fonts. Install them and you will find them useful in your own documents, too.

There you go. Enjoy your stay and when you get bored try one of my other websites: