Big Brother = Plumbing?

One wonders.

Last night we turned on the TV before going to bed and we were faced with… (wait for it)… a garden hose! Can you believe that?! And it didn’t stop there. We then were shown…. the little gun at the end of the hose! Hanging… off the hose. And then the subject matter changed while at the same time remaining somehow the same (Twilight zone theme here). We were shown… the kitchen sink tap!


Apparently, it was because the “housemates” (har har har) had a brawl. Mr I-am-so-cool-my-penis-is-bigger-than-yours Victor dude was shouting at oh-my-i’m-NOT-stupid-damn-it-but-everyone-thinks-i-am-annoying-to-death Emma and I-used-to-be-a-man-but-now-i-have-boobs-yet-my-body-is-like-a-tub-of-lard .. um.. what’s his,her,its name…. uhm…. I forget.. Nadia (looked it up). At the same time Mr I-show-my-buttocks-to-the-United-Kingdom Jason was (quite justifiably) shouting at I-am-camp-beyond-camp-and-you-know-it-sissies-OH-MY-GAWWWWD Marco for making a mess (again).

I think I overdid it with the dashes there. Just a bit. Never mind.

Anyway, they sent in security and police arrived at the house after viewers called them. What the heck for? Isn’t that what we wanted in the first place? They put an anti-gay chauvinist in the same house with a super-camp gay dude and I didn’t hear anyone complain. If you force people of such different opinions together in a small space this is what happens.

Never mind they won’t have any money left at the end of it as they keep failing tasks and being so unbelievably annoying.

Yet I seem to watch it. Must be because it’s all over the TV (again). Well, I couldn’t live with people who throw food around. Food is for eating; throwing it around is a *BIG* NO-NO in my books.


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