100 things to do with a squid-on-a-stick

You must think I’m nuts.

Think again. There’s worse! [edit 2013: link long dead]

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Action figure (figuratively speaking)

Check it out! It’s the amazing… Librarian Action Figure!!

with amazing “shushing action”


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Anti-privacy loo

Check this out!


A loo you can use (it works) while looking at everyone around you. This should be perfect for agoraphobics! The artist is Monica Bonvicini (I think this is her but not sure).

What prompted this search is news that people who piss on the street will have to pay fines. This is a real breakthrough in this country… The UK is pretty full of people with full bladders but pretty devoid of places to empty them. I agree, it’s a disgrace to have to dodge pools of the stuff spreading all around towns. Some people are so rude they don’t even bother to go somewhere out of the way… Pretty soon someone will go on my shoe and I’ll be arrested for assault and battery.

There is of course a reason why all this happens. Try walking around after 5 to 6 pints of lager and see how far you go without needing to go. I say we need more BUSHES around rather than public toilets. You know, the ones that thrive when being used in this way. Have you ever seen a drunk trying to get a 20p coin out to put in the toilet? It’s a whole procedure:

1. Have a coin

2. Remember where it is / Find it

3. Take it out without dropping it

4. Check you didnt pull all your money out with it cause you’re a clumsy drunk

5. Locate coin slot (this is hard)

6. Insert coin is slot (this is even harder)

7. Get in

8. …

9. Find a way to get out.

Compare to:

1. Find closest vertical surface

2. Aim (Do not hit own foot, that smells later)

3. …

Hmmmm…. You could even do it against the anti-privacy loo!


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Sometimes it’s worth clicking…

You know, some cartoonists have the situation down to a ‘T’. Check this out… And think… Butterfly.

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