My gang from uni

(You can get more info on the gangs for all the gossip) Alert! These pages are very old. This page will take a while to load: many pictures

First Year (1995-1996)

[All the gang together]
Left to right) top: Natasha, Harris, Spiros, me, Fragiskos.
Bottom: Kyriakos,Beatrice, Nikos and Manolis.
Not included in this photo: Katerina. Click on pic to see her.

[Marianna and Frank]
Marianna & Fragiskos (He looks very happy doesn't he?)

[Vicky and Zissymos]
It's Vicky and Zissimos. (Looking nice Zissy!)

[Fragiskos with Careena]
Fragiskos with Careena. A photo of '92, but it looked nice, so why not?

[Kyriakos smoking a cigar]
Kyriakos with the tool of his trade is preparing for the mid-sessionals.

[Frank sleeping standing up]
Fragiskos on the fast lane. (Well, it was just after dinner anyway...)

[Me and Harris toasting]
Me and Harris on my 18th birthday... (Both having had one drink too many already)

[Me and Theo lying on the bed, totally mashed]
My majesty the king and Theo thinking about the great mysteries of the world. (After a bottle of wine and 5 glasses of Vodka respectively (-: )

[Theo solo totally mashed]
Here is Theo explaining our conclusions to everybody. (Well, trying to anyway... Didn't make much sense to me...)

[Marianna in a cloud of smoke]
Marianna trying to quit smoking (probably by smoking herself to death!).

[Manolis holds the camera to his face and stares]
Manolis the hypnotist. (Though some called him the psycho from Beck Hall)
Look in his eyes...
Look in his eyes...
Look in his (ZZZZZZZZZZ)

[Beatrice smiling in full makeup]
Beatrice smiling at the camera...

[Ann and her car]
This is Ann. Dear friend and bloody determined woman. Visit her homepage. There are no words to describe this one...

[Manolis in female costume and me]
Me and Manolis in a very sexy stance.
Manolis looks great in womenswear. And to make things clear, The long hair is not mine. It's his. And I'm not gay. I'm just drunk. Right? Got it? Cool. Let's move on.

[Hector, Natalia & me]
(Left to right) Hector & Natalia, Me.

Second Year (1996-1997)

[Dinos, me, Huw, Tharuat & James in a bar in Swansea]
Scene from a swansea bar. (Left to right) Dinos, me, Huw [at the back as usual].
On the right are Tharuat & James, both of whom are now lost to me :(((, one in Jordan the other... somewhere in Britain.

Third Year (1997-1998)

[Busca and me]
This is me on the right and my Thai friend Busca on the left after playing darts (and losing horribly).