Goth & Punk - Under construction

[Panterae NAUMINATA: Drawing by unknown]

Image: "NAUMINATA" by Unknown

I am not really a person that looks like a goth or a punk but I have a keen interest in the scene. It has been very difficult to break into it however as I tend to be a rather insular person (see hermit) and I find being an 'online goth' is not really a way to go. That's like kidding yourself. I guess some people just wish they could be something other than what they are and this falls under that umbrella for me.

Knowledgeable people, help me out here! Links, info, anything about a possible greek goth scene would be interesting.

It is important to remember that both goth and punk are not notions limited to the past and the present, but also the future. I am not sure but maybe the picture here on the right illustrates some kind of near-future tank-girl goth-punk notion.

You can find some possibly-goth, possibly-punk media here.

Goth & Pseudo-goth

The definition of "Goth" is a point of conflict. And when goths (by any definition) are involved conflicts are serious. Elitism in the goth scene is something as a last resort insult. Maybe the links later on will help define what makes a goth... goth. Here are some issues in identifying goths, some myths some real characteristics:

Some relevant links:


Now punk is something I know nothing about but am currently trying to figure out. I sense that somehow punk-ness and goth-ness have become connected. I also suspect a connection to the glam rock scene and those freaky Brits that started the whole thing.

Some relevant links: