[Orc Police]

Hmmmmmmm... You do not plan to write anything inflamatory, insulting or something about race, sex or colour do you? Cause if you do I'll send these guys after you.

This is the proverbial guestbook. Leave a comment so I know you've been here, it's a nice thing to do. Of course I can tell you visited by the webserver logs but it just isn't the same somehow...

By the way, older visitors please note that the guestbook has lost all its previous entries because guestworld blew up and nuked all the entries around 2002. Then in 2005 I blew guestworld off.

Which means there is no guestbook here. Heh. I'll get one sorted soon, don't you worry. Use email until then.

What? I've always been a victim of multiple personality disorder. I simply haven't told me I deleted the guestbook yet. But don't worry, we're both going to be alright.