Games I have played

I could once be found on Kali at ->Descent<- as Corfiot.

Here is a list of games I have played along with some comments on how enjoyable I found them. You'll notice these are a bit old but hey, what can you do? I'm busy playing to update this page.

The DESCENT series from Parallax Software

[The DESCENT orb]

My favourites were Descent1 and most of all Descent2.

You have this small one-man spaceship that you fly around in mines. You have been paid to blow up the reactor of each mine and then escape it before the whole thing melts down. Hordes of robots try to block your way, but hey, you kick ass heheh. It is amazing on multiplayer.

Descent 3 was crap. Much better graphics but crap gameplay. It was also always slow and never managed to get proper multiplayer balance. At least never as good as D2. I will take blocky graphics and good gameplay over stunning presentation and bad gameplay any time.

An offshoot of the main game series was Descent:Freespace which was touted as a very good series of games. I still have not played these games even though I have them in a drawer somewhere. When I get round to it I will comment.

The DUKE NUKEM 3D game from 3DRealms

There is this problem in the future like, dude. Aliens have invaded da earth, man. Again. So you have to start kicking alien butt. Amazing range of weapons, this 3D action shooter will blow your brains out, man. Yeah, dude it rulzzzzzz. :)
No seriously.

Warcraft II from Blizzard

The Warcraft II Logo

Good guys, bad guys. You can play both. Strategy. VERY ADDICTIVE. Do not try it out unless you have a free week on your hands :).

The first Warcraft was alright, too. I have not yet played the latest Warcraft 3, but it got rave reviews.

There is also world of warcraft, which is an online game that has also got rave reviews. Blizzard has always been very good at balancing games and focusing on good gameplay.

Diablo from Blizzard

The DIABLO flaming Logo

Diablo invites you to enter a world of dark gothic fantasy. Play as a brave Warrior, cunning Rogue, or mysterious Sorcerer ( MY KIND OF STUFF ). As you venture deeper into the labyrinth, you'll discover weapons, armor, and magical treasures, and develop your character's skills and abilities.

Diablo 2 was even better. It was one of the most addictive games ever, especially on multiplayer. Thankfully, I skipped the multiplayer part as I had to study for university back then. I think I saved myself a year of geekiness online and some huge phone bills.