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Computer programming & games, reading, RPG board games.

If you expected a picture of me in a tie and a picture of my cat, I am sorry to dissappoint you; it's not going to happen. I rarely wear ties and I don't have a cat. Besides, I don't want to show you my picture. You'd see me and lose your mind, I'm so handsome.

I suppose that since I don't have a decent picture of myself to scan (just old bad ones) I have to describe myself to you. I'm about 6feet tall, brown hair/eyes and have a rather sexy mediterranean tan (yeah baby, yeah). I am not fat, nor do I dissappear if seen on profile. Occasionally, persons of the female persuasion have remarked I look good. I can only presume they're blind.

I come from Corfu, Greece. I love the sun and the beach and missed it gravely after nine years in the cold and gloomy UK. I did my B.Sc. studies at the university of Swansea in Wales. My subject was computer science. I then moved to Hull and completed an M.Sc. in Computer Graphics and virtual environments in Hull University. In 2004 I completed 12 months in the Hellenic Navy like any able-bodied Greek man. My specialisation was driving, I drove 4x4s and trucks for logistic support. After that I spent a good amount of time savouring the joys of unemployment. I made (and still do) web pages and teach IT to make the daily bread. This year I found a job as a teacher in primary schools in Corfu, teaching IT to children between the ages of 6 and 12. It's a world of fun (when they're quiet).

I am a fan of fantasy, science fiction and anything that captures the imagination in general. If you are interested you can check out some books. I think slightly more than I should and being a quite introvert person I have lots of time to do it. I wish I had a talent in one of the arts, like music, singing, painting or acting but I'm afraid I have been too busy wasting time to explore these areas. Finally, I enjoy (losing at) basketball and badminton. Which I haven't played for ages unfortunately. Lately I've been involved in folkloric Greek dancing and I've become a member of the cultural club Laodamas. If you would believe it, I've performed on stage. Nobody applauded.

I live quietly, am occasionally lazy and value my personal time.

I am told I am a generally nice guy, but I tend not to stay in touch for long periods of time. I also have been occassionally accused of being funny. At least I am always faithful, creative, charmingly supersticious and a good driver! At this point I will mention sex so that I get more hits. Here is some seriously insightful images on netsex and real sex. There. I hope I don't get sent to hell for doing this.

Since you are so keen to know more about me, read on about all the trivia that will surely be the subject of debate long after I'm dead.


The Politics Test on OkCupid says: You are a Social Liberal (71% permissive) and an Economic Liberal (20% permissive). You are best described as a Socialist. Politics is not my forte. Someone write me and tell me exactly what this means in today's world of 'soup politics'.

Go-to-Hell chances

I took this test to find out how much of each of the seven deadly sins I indulge in daily. The results are sure to send shockwaves throughout the online community: I'm a lazy-ass sex-maniac with no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

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I usually listen to the radio, meaning I can abide pop. I have some more esoteric epic metal songs in my library and I occasionally blast the neighbours with rock. Add greek folkloric tranditional music to the mix and I could even start my own radio station. This image on the right is supposed to list the most recently played bands from my media player. When it works.