[Satellite photo of the eastern mediterranean sea]

The Eastern Mediterranean. The isle of Cyprus and Egypt are clearly shown.

Travels accomplished and travels dreamt of

The links will take you to pictures and rough information on these destinations. Most links are not active as this is work in progress.

Past & Present



Greece::Corfu [More pictures]

Corfu is my island and my home. It is called the Emerald Island of the Mediterranean because of its rich flora. The island is located at the North-Westernmost part of Greece and as a consequence has very different weather than the rest of Greece; a lot more humidity and in general more wet. It has however mild winters and not very hot summers.

Corfu is an island that lives off the tourist trade. It is quite well-known all over Europe as a tourist resort. Indeed, the tourist inflow of Corfu is enormous. This has turned its economy from agricultural that it used to be (olive trees, vineyards) to touristic. What makes the island so attractive to tourists is the natural beauty of the island and the warm-heartedness of its inhabitants. Corfu is a place where the new and the traditional blend in harmony. For example, the island is full of clubs and pubs, however there also are small villages with people who still live off olive oil.

UK::Wales::Swansea [More pictures]

Swansea is the name of the town I lived in for 4 years. I was a student in Swansea University and I lived in rented houses. I graduated from the Computer Science Department July 1999 and got a job through the university's careers centre for the duration of the three months-long summer holidays.

If you are wondering where Swansea is, I have a small map for you.